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Community Solar - Good for the Planet and Your Wallet!

by Brandon Maharaj

Community Solar is a result of NY State legislation (Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act) that was passed and updated: the Accelerated Renewable Energy Growth and Community Benefit Act. It was designed to Advance Renewable Energy, Drive Statewide Economic Growth, and Create Jobs.

Understanding Community Solar

  1. The Solar Farm produces energy in Kilowatt hours (kwh), the rate at which energy is produced or consumed in an hour which are turned into solar credits (a dollar value on the Customer’s electric bill.)

  2. The customer can then choose to get these solar credits through a customer agreement with a Solar Farm at a 10% discount. In other words, agreeing to purchase all of their electricity from the local solar farm.

  3. The utility will work with the Solar Farm to allocate the amount of solar credits the customer receives based on their annual usage in Kwh. This is reviewed periodically throughout the year to ensure the customer’s electric needs are met.

  4. The solar credits apply to the delivery, supply, and transmission which generally, make up about 90% of the electric bill. The customer is still responsible for the Basic Service Charge, which is the charge for the line from the utility pole to your meter.

  5. On a monthly basis the utility company will credit 100% of the electricity received from the Solar Farm to the customer’s electric bill. These are the actual solar credits.

  6. The Solar Farm then invoices the customer for the solar credits at a 10% discount.

Who is Delaware River Solar and the benefits of supporting a local solar farm?

  • We are a New York based Solar Developer.

  • We only build on brown (land that has not been tilled in 5 to 6 years) fields or landfills.

  • You're helping support your local economy by opting to get your electricity from a local source, keeping the profits on US soil rather than RG&E sending the profits to Spain.

  • You are doing your part to help preserve the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

  • You are helping to create jobs with the building and maintenance of the solar farms.

  • You are creating opportunities for environmental equity in underserved communities.

How Do I Get Started?

Enrollment is quick and easy, simply go to our secure portal here, then click on the GET STARTED button.

  • Please use the following Referral Code: "Brandon Maharaj" so I can be assigned to your account.

Be part of a growing movement to use clean renewable energy that is affordable and sustainable for you and your community.

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