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It's Never Too Early

by Linda Foster

Healthy Yards Monroe County, Color Brighton Green, and Color Penfield Green

Research confirms the strong relationship between our native insects and native plants and both are in decline. Rethinking your landscape and adding native plants will provide for a bio-diverse healthy ecosystem that supports insects, that support birds and toads and on and on it goes…. To US!

So, here’s where we come in. Our yards can become part of the solution. Reducing lawn area and planting more native plants will help to restore the natural environment we have “manicured” out city block by suburban yard at a time. It’s true if you build it, they will come! Create a new native garden bed

or add native plants to your existing garden and watch for the insects, birds, and butterflies to come.

*Garden design by Megan Meyer

Cold outside you say? Yes, but a perfect time of year to start planning for our next growing season. Starting native plants from their seed brings its wealth of native genes. This genetic diversity helps whole species survive and adapt during times of environmental stress. You can find native seed for purchase online or perhaps from a sharing friend already growing native plants. Be aware when making your purchase to select carefully. Assure it is native to your particular region. See Monroe County CCE Master Gardener listing of plants native to our region.

Never too early to learn more about native perennial seed sowing. Start your journey at an upcoming presentation at the Penfield Library. Save January 19 and 26 as they are set for both a presentation and a hands-on workshop. Registration will open on December 27th on the Library website.

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