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...ALL-ELECTRIC-Life - Part VII – Drill Baby Drill! Let the Geothermal Installation Begin…

By Allen Hibner: April 6th, 2021- Day #1 of drilling multiple 100’ deep wells for our new WaterFurnace geothermal system installation.

Look what just rolled into my backyard. This is not your father’s drilling rig! After off-loading it from a truck on the street, the very professional crew guided it remotely down my driveway and onto my back lawn with just a set of radio-controlled joysticks. How cool was that! I instantly knew we were in for something very, very special to come. Watch that amazing process to position, setup, and begin drilling the first of six total 100’ wells with the rig on YouTube now – CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO.

Pretty amazing, wasn’t it? In my next blog article in this series, I will document the conclusion of the drilling phase of this project in much greater detail with another YouTube video. Thanks so much for reading the articles and watching the videos in this series. I hope they are helping you to consider going ALL-ELECTRIC for your own home heating and cooling system needs.

Again, where can you obtain even more local assistance to explore geothermal or ground-source heat pumps? We have a phenomenal resource right here in the Rochester regional area. I strongly encourage you to visit HeatSMART Monroe of the Finger Lakes to learn more.

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