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Sunscape CSA - Sign Up Now For Your Share!

by Megan Meyer

Sunscape Farm’s Penfield location is nestled into a quiet residential neighborhood on Creek Street. Nate and Courtney manage about 100 acres between their farm here in Penfield and their acreage in Greece. You may have stopped by their farm stand on Creek street in Penfield to pick up flowers in spring and later seasonal fruits and vegetables. Nate is a first-generation farmer who early on knew he wanted to have connections to the land. As a teenager, Nate worked in the greenhouses at Bauman’s Farm Market in addition to several other part time jobs. In 1999, Nate began growing produce to sell at markets and established Sunscape Farms in 2006. In 2010 Nate and Courtney married and Courtney started working full time with the farm. Courtney shares Nate’s vision in growing healthy food for our community and manages Sunscape’s offices, their CSA program, website, social media, and newsletter. Nate applies many sustainable farming practices he has learned over the years through Cornell University’s Small Farms Program which includes building soil health for more nutritious crops. Their website has a wealth of information on how they do this and also how in supporting Sunscape Farms you support many green initiatives that positively impact our environment.

So what is CSA and how does it help the environment? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way to support local farmers buy purchasing a share of their produce for a season. It helps environmentally as you are buying local instead buying food trucked in from long distances. Take this one step further, choosing a farmer who takes care of his soil with sustainable farming practices which include using non-GMO seed, crop rotation, cover crops, use of beneficial insects instead of pesticides, you will be serving healthier food to your family. Learn more about the impact your food choices make on your health and the environment here.

So how is Sunscape Farm CSA different from other CSA’s? Between the two locations the Savages grow about 65 acres of vegetables, 5 acres of strawberries, 10 acres of cut flowers and two acres of greenhouses to start their crops. They also partner with other local farmers that grow vegetables and fruit that their farm does not so your weekly share will contain a wide variety of vegetables, and fruit picked fresh through the season. They are committed to growing food in a healthy way. Though not certified organic, they follow many organic farming practices that give you healthier, more nutritious food.


Sunscape Farms is now taking orders for full or half shares for the 2021 season. Along with their incredible variety of fruits and vegetables, they send weekly emails full of creative recipes and tips for preserving the produce of the week. They do sell out, so don't wait too long! Click here to learn more.

If a share isn't the right choice for you, you can still support them by stopping by their farm stand at 1416 Creek St. to purchase their locally grown flowers and produce.

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