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About Color Penfield Green

Who We Are

We are an organization of residents of the Town of Penfield, NY who are concerned about the environment.

What We Do

We inform & educate on all the incredible ways that our community is “Going Green" and how we can reduce our carbon footprints  - at individual, family, neighborhood, municipal, state, and federal levels.

We organize local volunteers to participate in high impact campaigns, and support and empower Penfield residents to become community leaders in addressing climate change. 

Equity and Inclusion Statement


We who live in Penfield recognize and appreciate the privilege of living in a community with exceptional schools, beautiful parks and easy access to stores and amenities that enhance our quality of life. As members of Color Penfield Green striving to be responsible stewards of the environment, we recognize that our world cannot be separated from the well-being of many interdependent levels of community. Environmental concerns are interwoven with all factors of human well-being. The well-being of our town is dependent on the well-being of the greater communities of Rochester, Monroe County, New York State and the world. Climate change has taught us that.

In addition, we recognize that we live on land once occupied by O-non-dowa-gah, (pronounced: Oh-n’own-dough-wahgah) or “the people of the Great Hill.” In English, they are known as Seneca people, “the keeper of the western door.” Together, with the Mohawk, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, and Tuscarora, the Seneca nation makes up the sovereign Haudenosaunee (ho-dee-no-SHO-nee) Confederacy. We pay respects to their elders past and present and recognize that our presence here today came at great suffering to them.

We also recognize that much of Penfield’s development grew out of intentionally racist policies that encouraged white flight from the city of Rochester and excluded people of color through (racist) zoning, lending and real estate policies.

Because of the ongoing legacy of these policies and as a recognition that we are enriched and challenged by the greatest variety of voices, we commit to an anti-racist stance and actively strive to achieve a diverse membership. We support and stand in solidarity with those who are working to integrate anti-racist, pro-indigenous and environmental justice policies in our community. We are one human family (and all equal).

by Ruth Marchetti

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