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  • Erin Campbell

Eat More Plants for Your Health & the Earth

Updated: Feb 19

by Erin Campbell, MD, MPH

Why eat more vegetables, fruits, beans,

and whole grains?

For Your Health

  • Lower calorie density – per pound these foods have fewer calories than processed foods and most animal-based foods. This translates to a bigger volume of food for fewer calories which can help with weight loss and maintenance.

  • Lots of fiber - helpful for healthy digestion, feeling full, more consistent blood sugar levels, and lower colorectal cancer risk

  • An abundance of antioxidants – Choose a variety of produce types and colors for an appetizing plate and plenty of different antioxidants

  • Lower risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure

For the Earth
  • Fewer greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate change – Diets centered around meat are estimated to account for at least 20% of greenhouse gas emissions. Eating a plant-based or plant rich diet can reduce your impact.

  • Less water and land needed to produce your food – 10 times more water and 18 times more land is needed to produce 1 kg of beef protein versus 1 kg of kidney bean protein.

  • Less food waste – Chances are you have some fresh produce at home waiting to be eaten. Did you know that 1/3 of the food produced goes to waste and it’s estimated that 10% of greenhouse gases come from food waste? Empty out your fridge and get creative by making a stir fry or soup or topping a pizza to use up that produce. Wasting less can also save you money and result in a healthier meal than the takeout you would have ordered.




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