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...ALL-ELECTRIC-Life - Part IX – Waging Trench “WELL”-Fare …

By Allen Hibner: April 23rd, 2021- This image shows the installation crew at the end of digging the trenches. Once those were finished, they were able to then connect all six geothermal wells together and bring the closed geothermal loop HDPE input/output pipes directly into our home.

If you are interested in a lot more detail and “live action” on how the trenches were dug, the six wells tied together and then how everything was backfilled at the end, watch this video on YouTube now: CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

In my next article in this series, I will document all of the interior work required to install our new WaterFurnace, passive geo-tank for preheated water coming from the WaterFurnace’s “de-super-heater” system that then flows directly into the new hybrid hot water heater. Along with videos and pictures of the inside work required, I will include some preliminary data I’ve gathered as we begin to track the month-by-month energy usage of this super-efficient system over the next year – all the while making year over year, month over month comparisons to the prior two year’s data from RG&E. I can’t wait to see how our new geothermal system’s energy usage stacks up against our old natural gas furnace, natural gas hot water heater and in-efficient electric central air conditioning unit. Stay tuned, this will be fun!

Thanks so much for reading the articles and watching the videos in this series. I hope they are helping you to consider going ALL-ELECTRIC for your own home heating and cooling system needs.

Again, as always, where can you obtain even more local assistance to explore geothermal or ground-source heat pumps? We have a phenomenal resource right here in the Rochester regional area. I strongly encourage you to visit HeatSMART Monroe of the Finger Lakes to learn more.

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