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Penfield Community Garden

The PCV Garden is designed and operated to provide Penfield residents with an opportunity to grow their own ORGANIC based vegetables, flowers, and herbs for their own consumption or for the needy. The garden also provides for the development of the Penfield community by working together to improve the garden, sharing knowledge and techniques of organic gardening and managing the garden through the PCV Garden volunteer committee. 

Plots may be rented by Penfield residents.

7' x 16': $40        7' x 32': $70 

Located at 1748 Five Mile Line Rd

Build Your Own Garden

Learn more about how to make your own gardens at home.

  • What makes an organic garden and why would I choose to go organic?

  • What tools will you need to get started?

  • What materials will you need? 

  • What are some considerations for placement for your garden? 

How and What to Grow

Starting your first garden? Learn more about which fruits and vegetables are relatively easy to maintain and provide high yields?

Which are particularly great for families with young children who want to help out?

Preserve the Bounty

Learn tips and tricks for canning. 

Still growing more than you will ever eat? Donate to the Penfield Ecumenical Food Shelf: 1618 Jackson Rd, Penfield

Vegetable Picking
Hanging Herbs
Child Picking Fruit
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