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Healthy assortment of yellow foods

Plant Based


Eat lower on the food chain: enjoy health benefits as well as lowering carbon emissions. Flexitarian --> Vegetarian --> Vegan

Click here to submit your own favorite vegan or vegetarian recipes and to see what other readers have shared. 

Community Supported Agriculture 

We are so fortunate here in Penfield to have access to local farm fresh fruits and vegetables. Consider supporting our farmers by purchasing shares in a CSA this year. Click here to learn more about each of them.

Fruit and Vegetable Gardens

Gardens are beautiful, put food on your table, and can do so much good for the environment. Click here to learn about sustainable gardening practices and options at home or at the Community Victory Garden here in Penfield. 


Food waste sent to landfills decomposes quickly, but under anaerobic conditions, forming methane gas - a green house gas that is 30x more potent than CO2. Composting allows the waste to decompose aerobically, releasing CO2 instead. Click here to learn how to compost in Penfield.

Food and Food Waste

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