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Electric School Buses for Penfield

Why Go Electric?

Eliminate Health Risks of "Clean Diesel" 


  • The cleanest fuels still create particulate matter and NOx when they are burned.


  • Kids and seniors (many of our drivers) are the most vulnerable to toxic exposure. The fine particulate matter emitted is so tiny, it gets embedded in children’s developing lungs and can never be removed. Over time it builds and effects respiratory function.

Reduce Emissions

  • We have one of the cleanest electric grids in the country - even before we switch over to 100% carbon-free electricity through Community Choice Aggregation. To minimize emissions, we should electrify everything we can. 

  • One of Penfield's most significant emissions sources are the buses that bring the majority of our students to school every day. 

Safety and Maintenance Advantages


  • Electric Buses are very quiet so drivers can be more aware of the students' behavior and location around the bus. 

  • The battery packs are heavy and located along the bottom of the bus, offering more stability. 

  • Unlike a diesel bus, which has well over 1,000 parts, an electric bus has roughly 20 moving parts. Besides occasional brake and tire replacements, maintenance is minimal - just like for an electric car

Why Penfield?

Renovation of the

Bus Garage

  • The timing could not be better! Our current transportation facility was built in 1961 and renovations are now a priority for the school district. 

  • Bus battery technology is nearly there in terms of charging time and capacity. The Thomas Built bus manufacturers are confident that the next iteration - coming out fall 2020 - will be a product they can get behind. 

  • Building with electrification in mind now will save money down the road. Retrofitting will be much more expensive. 

Critical Infrastructure is Already in Place! 


  • Electric Bus Charging Stations require 3-Phase Power. This is very expensive to extend. 

  • Mothers Out Front, a respected climate advocacy group, has done an initial assessment of all of the area school bus garages and identified only a few who have 3-phase power in place already. 

  • Penfield is one of them and was designated a likely early adopter!  

Political Will

  • Catherine Dean, President of the Penfield Board of Education states, "The District has reviewed the use of electric buses and while they may not be feasible at this time, we believe they will become more appropriate in the future.  As we look to design possible bus garage, we will certainly want to include the infrastructure to support a transition to electric buses and other vehicles." -May 2020

  • The Penfield Town Board supports climate action. 

  • Penfield residents want to see EV school buses adopted in Penfield

  • Mothers Out Front has active members in Penfield and wants to see EV school buses adopted.

Want to Join the Campaign?

  • Receive updates about the campaign. ​

  • Learn about opportunities to encourage the School Board and Superintendent Putnam to adopt EV school buses. 

  • Attend webinars and workshops to learn more about EV School Buses in NY State

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