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Why compost?

  • Food scraps (anything edible, meat, bones, coffee grounds, egg shells, paper napkins, wooden stirrers, and more) that are sent to the landfill will break down pretty quickly, but it does so under anaerobic conditions and the process creates methane gas, which has 34x the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide! Food scraps that are composted break down aerobically, producing carbon dioxide instead.

  • You make fertile soil for gardens!

Compost Pickup Service


Landfill Management

34x Greenhouse Effect!!

Learn more:


Connections with Evan Dawson had a discussion on February 27th, 2020 about The Rise in Composting in Rochester


What are the options here in Penfield?

Buy or Build-Your-Own

  • Make your own for as little as $10. Instructions here.

Bin Swap


How it works: 

Get a clean 4gal bin from the company. Fill it up with compostables at home. Bring the full bin to the exchange sites. Get a new bin. 

Impact Earth Organics

  • $15/mo or 6 month subscription: $75

  • Locations: ​

    • Rochester Public Market
      Impact Earth Organics Office. 

    • Brighton Farmers' Market


Curbside Pick-Up Companies

How it works: 

Get a clean 4gal bin delivered to your home. Fill it up with compostables. 1x/week, put the full bucket outside. Get a new, clean bin. 

Impact Earth Organics

  • $15/mo

Be a Compost-Leader

  • Work with RAICA to bring bin swap composting to your house of worship.  

  • Learn more about or join LETTUCE, a group dedicated to growing composting in the area, including fighting for Rochester-wide municipal composting. LETTUCE=Lower Emissions Through Thoughtful United Community Engagement

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